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Claire Connelly is a researcher and freelance journalist. She writes for The Saturday Paper and The Monthly, and has produced work for the Sydney Policy Lab at the University of Sydney, The Australia Institute, and The Economist Intelligence Unit, amongst others. She is currently pursuing research investigating the future of democracy, economic inequality and an agenda for post-pandemic rebuilding in Australia.


Formerly of Rebuilding Macroeconomics, hosted by the Institute for Global Prosperity at University College London (UCL), and a visiting academic at the Institute for New Economic Thinking in Oxford, Claire spent several years conducting data and methodological research studies, collecting first-hand information from academics, policy makers, regulators, practitioners, and members of the private sector, across multiple disciplines, identifying the data that could significantly enhance our understanding of the macroeconomy, while examining the relationship between policy-relevant knowledge and evidence. 

With a background in journalism, Claire has written for leading publications including The Australian Financial Review, the ABC, SBS, the Sydney Morning Herald, Stockhead, Which-50, and New Matilda. 

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